HBO pushes The Undoing’s release to fall 2020

The Undoing -- Courtesy of HBO
The Undoing -- Courtesy of HBO /

Those hoping to see Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant on screen together will have to wait a little longer. HBO has pushed The Undoing to the fall.

Networks are having to make changes to scheduling plans, and not just broadcast networks. More premium cable companies are looking at current plans to release programming. HBO is one of the first to make a big change, pushing the release of Nicole Kidman’s The Undoing to the fall.

The move comes due to the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to rock the world. TV productions have had to shut down, with many broadcast TV shows falling short a few episodes for the season. Most are wrapping at around 19 or 20 episodes because they couldn’t film the last few.

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Cable networks film an entire season in one go and have episodes ready to go. That does mean programming for May to around July shouldn’t be affected too much, but with other productions shut down, the networks need to consider the future.

The Undoing was set to release on May 10 on a weekly basis. Now, the plan is to release in fall 2020, still on a weekly basis. The exact date hasn’t been given yet, according to the report from TVLine.

The HBO limited series stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as power couple Grace and Jonathan Fraser. They live the perfect life until a violent death has a chain reaction. Soon, they’re in the middle of a public disaster.

Based on You Should Have Known, The Undoing by Jean Hanff Korelitz, the series has been written and executive produced by David E. Kelley. This marked Kelley and Kidman joining forces again after Big Little Lies.

While the HBO series is currently marked as a limited series, we know how these things can go. HBO is often happy to renew a limited series if there’s a story to tell past the point. This happened with Big Little Lies but it didn’t happen with Watchmen, which was retooled as a limited series after creator Damon Lindoff walked away from the project.

Check out the teaser for The Undoing:

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The Undoing will be released in fall 2020.