Amazon Prime Video is finally bringing profiles for users

It’s only taken, well, since Amazon Prime Video was created! Netflix, Crave, and many more streaming services have profiles, and Amazon has finally jumped on it.

Many people will share their accounts with friends and family members. Netflix doesn’t mind, offering the ability to create separate accounts to make sure each person can get a selection of recommended shows based on previous viewing. Amazon Prime Video has taken its time but finally added something similar.

According to XDA Developers, the Profile option makes it possible for individuals to create their own section within one account. You can have up to six separate profiles within one account, with one of those being the admin profile. This profile will be an adult profile by default, with the other five having the option of being adult or children profiles.

Like Netflix and Crave, kids under 12 can have access to a profile that is more controlled than the adult ones. The content will be those suitable for children without parental guidance. Surprisingly, this can mean some kids movies aren’t available. We noticed recently that movies like The LEGO Movie aren’t available under the kid’s profiles on Crave (a Canadian streaming service).

There are some limitations to the profiles right now. You can’t change the avatar. However, this is just a small thing for the profiles. The most important elements is that you can view your TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video without worrying about causing problems for others in the household.

If your partner loves to watch action movies but you like rom-coms, you can have separate profiles for the right recommendations. You don’t end up with multiple action movie suggestions with all the rom-coms hidden away. (Unless you’re on the wrong profile, of course!)

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