Now streaming: Pet Sematary is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Are you ready for a horror movie reboot you didn’t realize you needed? Pet Sematary is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free.

You’re likely looking for something new to watch right now. If you’re interested in horror movies, you’re in a lot of luck. Pet Sematary is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

This is all about the 2019 remake of the movie, although still based on the same novel by Stephen King. There is a slight change to the storyline, which allowed the writers to open up the discussion about death a lot more; something impossible with the way the novel and first movie were written.

Dr. Louis Creed thinks that he has the perfect life. When the family cat is run over by a truck and dies, he takes it up to the local pet cemetery, which is a Native American burial ground. The cat is brought back to life and Creed believes he may have found a way to cheat death.

There’s a huge problem. The dead don’t come back the same way. And when the unthinkable happens in Creed’s life, he makes a decision that could change his entire family forever.

This certainly isn’t the most popular version of the story. Critics and audiences both rate it lowly, but there’s nothing to lose right now. Pet Sematary is available on Amazon Prime Video for free. It’s available with your Amazon Prime membership, something that you’re already paying for! If you don’t have a membership yet, you can get it with a 30-day free trial.

I always recommend seeing a movie for yourself. You never know if it’s something you’ll love or not.

Check out the trailer for the movie below:

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Pet Sematary is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.