50 best movies on Amazon Prime Video: Super 8 is on the list

If you love sci-fi movies, you’ll want to check out Super 8. The 2011 is now on the list of 50 best movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Before we get ready to add more new movies to the list of 50 best movies on Amazon Prime Video, we have one more from February to home. Super 8 is now on the list, and we’re looking at why the sci-fi movie deserves its place.

You’ll want to see where Super 8 has arrived on the list. Not only will you see its positioning, but you’ll find 49 other great movies to check out. You’ll definitely have something to watch this weekend!

Super 8 is a Steven Spielberg movie, which will immediately catch your attention. When it comes to sci-fi, there’s no greater director. You just know that everything can come together, no matter how crazy the initial plot can sound.

While not the most innovative movie to begin with, it’s still thrilling and exciting to watch. It all starts with a train crash that sets off a chain of events that the local sheriff can’t explain. Of course, when the Army is brought in, it’s clear that there’s something more to the train crash, the missing dogs, the missing people, and everything in between.

It’s a movie that captured the hearts of critics and audiences. Rated Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an 81% approval score and 75% score respectively. This is one that you need to see for yourself.

Check out the trailer for Super 8:

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Super 8 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video for free with your Prime membership.

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