5 TV shows to watch on HBO on Valentine’s Day 2020

Season 2: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley.photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO
Season 2: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley.photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO /

It’s Valentine’s Day 2020 very soon, and you likely want something that you can watch with a partner. Here are five TV shows to check out on HBO.

Are you looking for something to watch with your partner on Valentine’s Day 2020? With it being a Friday night, you may not be worried about staying up late. That means TV shows are certainly an option, and HBO has a great list of options to check out.

Whether you want comedy or drama, there’s always a bit of romance thrown in. With Amazon Prime, you can grab yourself a HBO subscription through Amazon Channels and check out all five of these TV shows on Feb. 14.

5. Sex and the City

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There’s one TV series you need to start with on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the hit 90s series, Sex and the City. This made stars out of its lead women, and also made it extremely clear that female leads most definitely work.

We got the highs and lows of dating and relationships. Each of the characters was at a different stage, with one married, one struggling to find love, one coming out as a lesbian, and one who just liked to have fun in the bedroom. It remains relatable (except for the fact that they’re able to afford the property they do in New York City!).

4. Six Feet Under

At first, Six Feet Under isn’t going to sound like a show to watch on Valentine’s Day. However, while this series dealt with life and death, it also dealt with relationships. There are storylines that deal with starting new relationships and infidelity. Then there are those that deal with life after the death of a spouse and parents dealing after their child dies of sudden infant death syndrome.

It’s a beautiful story with one of the best series finales you will ever get to watch. Now is the time to stream it with your significant other. You won’t be able to stop all weekend.

3. Big Little Lies

While this doesn’t initially sound like the type of show you’d want to watch on Valentine’s Day, it does have a place on the list. It focuses on relationships, and not just romantic ones. There’s a bond that develops between five women in one town over one incident.

There is also the focus on the romantic relationship. Each of the women is in different stages of their marriages, with some having affairs and others dealing with domestic abuse. While not the most romantic of options, it’s a series everyone should watch at least once.

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2. Gentlemen Jack

When it comes to a series about love, you need Gentlemen Jack. This HBO series is perfect for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re gay, straight, or bi. It’s about a woman in the past who is a lesbian. Of course, coming out in that time would be a death sentence, but she doesn’t let it stop her from being who she feels like she is.

What’s great is that our female lead, Anne, is making a note of everything that happens around her. It’s in a diary that only she can decrypt, which allows her to get her feelings out without worrying about anything. It’s one of the most positive portrayals of lesbian relationships, including the messiness of them—because messiness is a part of every type of relationship there is out there!

1. Insecure

Insecure is similar to Sex and the City, in the sense that it focuses on female friends as they navigate life, friendships, relationships, and more while in their late 20s. There’s also the focus of the struggles within the African American community. Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji star as the two friends, Issa and Molly, and there are comedic turns episode after episode.

For Issa, one of the biggest struggles is getting the spark back in her relationship ever since her boyfriend’s startup failed. For Molly, she struggles with the dating life despite a successful career as a corporate attorney. These are real characters who will have you laughing but rooting for them from start to finish.

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What are you watching on HBO this Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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