Euphoria Season 1 finale preview: Is someone going to die?

Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations
Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

The finale of Euphoria’s first season has arrived, and fans are stressed about the possibility of someone dying. Here are our theories about the final hour.

We have some critical questions that need to be answered in the final episode of Euphoria. What is the status of Rue and Jules’ relationship? Is Fez going to get arrested? Will Nate make it out alive? Who is Kat’s creepy cam admirer?

These are only a few of the burning questions still going through our minds after last week’s intense episode. Luckily for us, the series has already been renewed for a second season so if we are left with any cliffhangers (and odds are we will be) then at least we know there are more opportunities for answers in the future.

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Based on the promotional teaser for the season finale, things are going to come to a head between Nate and Fez. We already know Nate called the cops on Fez. The last time we saw him and his little brother, they were quickly trying to shove all their drugs down the toilet.

The problem is, even if Fez escapes the cops, his supplier isn’t going to be very happy about losing all that product. Instead of going to jail, could Fez get killed by the man who gave Rue fentanyl?

What about Rue and Jules? Last week, Jules slept with another woman while visiting her old friend. She appeared guilty and confused at the end of the episode. We last saw her texting Rue to tell her how much she missed her. Could this incident actually bring them closer together?

Finally, I personally want to know who Kat’s creepy admirer is. Some people have suggested it might Ethan butt that doesn’t seem like his character. Is it Nate? He’s tormented everyone else, why not add Kat to the list?

Unfortunately, HBO didn’t post a synopsis this week, so I don’t have one to share with you, but I do have the episode’s preview if you want a sneak peek at the insanity still to come!

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If you can, I recommend you watch the Euphoria finale live. It’s sure to be a doozy, and it would suck if you got spoiled by a random person on social media by accident!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can watch Euphoria with your HBO add-on through Amazon Video Channels. If you have a regular subscription HBO, here’s everything you’ll need to watch the episode live.

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