5 most OMG moments from Euphoria Season 1, Episode 7

Euphoria - Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO
Euphoria - Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO /
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Euphoria – Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Sydney Sweeney. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO /

Euphoria continues to top itself with incredible writing in the penultimate episode that sees Jules take a trip and Rue battle with her bladder.

The spotlight is on Cassie this week, and well, it looks like everyone Euphoria does have a tragic backstory. Her story initially starts somewhat normal. Her parents doted on her. Her dad wanted her to be a successful ice skater, etc.

But then her dad couldn’t afford to buy her lessons anymore. He started having trouble maintaining a steady job. Her parents began to fight all the time. He left. Then he would only see his daughters on weekends, every few weeks, every few months… then nothing.

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Eventually, Cassie’s father wound up in the hospital due to a near-fatal car accident. From there, he became addicted to heroin. The only time Cassie ever saw him again was when he showed up, months later, at her house to steal some of their silverware and dishes to pawn for drug money.

Fast forward a few years later, and now Cassie is left wondering how to contend with being pregnant and cheating on her boyfriend.

5. Cassie tells McKay she’s pregnant.

Euphoria hinted at Cassie’s pregnancy pretty heavily last week, and it’s confirmed in tonight’s episode that she is indeed pregnant with McKay’s baby. She decides to tell him. For now, she omits the fact she made out with Daniel. McKay takes the news pretty well for a high school teen. He’s upset about the idea of having kids, but he is also willing to discuss it with Cassie and listen to what she wants.

As we learned about Cassie’s background, she doesn’t have much belief in her own self-worth. She wants the kid because she thinks maybe it’s what she’s meant to do. I wish someone would hug her and tell her how valuable she is and what she has to offer the world beyond her looks. McKay also tells her she would make a great mother someday, which is sweet. But for now, it looks like she’s going to get an abortion. She asks her mom for help at the end of the episode.