6 intense moments from Euphoria Season 1, Episode 4

Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations
Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /
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Euphoria – Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

Euphoria delivered a remarkable hour of television with Episode 4! The teens all make their way to a big carnival in town, and things get intense.

Beyond the dramatic reveals and shocking scenes, Episode 4 was one of the most beautiful in terms of cinematography. Euphoria has stood out on HBO, not just for its graphic content, but because it’s one of the most visually stunning teen dramas out there.

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This week’s episode proved that with its long takes, tracking the various simultaneous ongoings of each couple or pairing at the carnival and its spectacular muted neon color palette. The ending scene with the revolving bed detailing the evolution of Jules and Rue’s relationship could fill an entire essay by itself.

6. Jules’ mother forced her into a psychiatric hospital.

Euphoria opens this week with a flashback to Jules childhood. She suffered from depression and body dysmorphia as a child. This leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms and self-harm.

As a way to combat her daughter’s poor mental health, Jules is placed in a psychiatric hospital. It appears cold and unwelcoming, but Jules does get better.

Eventually, she leaves, and we learn about her transition and relationship with her parents. Her mother checked out mentally a long time ago, but Jules remains close with her father.

Euphoria – Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

5. Kat hooks up with someone at the carnival.

Still riding the high of her sexual awakening, Kat comes on to a guy working at the carnival who was rumored to have a big d**k in high school. It’s not unlike the fantasy she had in a previous episode about having sex in a dressing room except this time she goes through with it.

We know Kat has been coming into her own in the online world. Now she’s taking charge off-screen too. The look of sheer ecstasy on her face when Lucas reaches his climax is more about her sense of power and control than it is about intimacy.

The sad part is, she misreads an innocent conversation between Ethan and another girl, ending their cute night together prematurely. It’d be nice to see Kat with a guy who genuinely has respect for her as a human being.