Euphoria Season 1, Episode 4 preview: Jules sees Cal again in public

Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations
Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

Jules runs into Cal and his family while they’re out in public. And Rue makes her best effort to get clean for Jules on the new episode of Euphoria.

Pending last week’s breakthrough moment for Rue, in which she realized and acted on her feelings for Jules, this week’s Euphoria will see Rue attempting to get clean for Jules once again. Perhaps she’ll get much-needed assistance from her new friend Ali?

As for Jules, she’ll be contending with some surprised of her own when she runs into Cal while he’s with his family. The audience is well aware that the guy she’s been chatting with, ShyGuy118, is Nate. But Jules has no idea of this yet. It’ll be strange enough for her to realize Cal’s son is one of her classmates, even weirder when she finds out that he’s “Tyler.”

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As for Kat, we can imagine she’ll continue with her cam girl antics now that she’s gotten a taste for it. She’ll also spend time with Ethan, although their intentions may different. Elsewhere, Maddy and Cassie decide to blow off some steam, and their boyfriends, by popping Molly.

In order to watch Euphoria live with your Amazon Prime subscription, you will need to subscribe to the HBO add-on channel. It will grant you access to Episode 4 when it premieres tonight, in addition to the season’s previous episodes.

Watch Euphoria with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels!
Watch Euphoria with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /

If you don’t have the HBO channel and you don’t intend to buy it, then you can still watch Euphoria live with a basic HBO subscription.

Check out the teaser trailer for the episode:

And read the official HBO synopsis for further details:

"Rue tries to get clean for Jules and chaperones Gia at the carnival; Jules encounters Cal with his family; annoyed at their boyfriends, Cassie and Maddy decide to do Molly together; Kat hangs out with Ethan until she misreads a situation."

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