5 shocking scenes from Season 1, Episode 3 of Euphoria

Season 1, episode 3 (debut 6/30/19): Hunter Schafer, Zendaya.photo: Eddy Chen/HBO
Season 1, episode 3 (debut 6/30/19): Hunter Schafer, Zendaya.photo: Eddy Chen/HBO /

Zendaya delivers an Emmy-worthy performance in the third hour of Euphoria when she makes her feelings for Jules known and beings to fall apart.

Euphoria delivers perhaps its best episode yet this week. It involves Jules falling more in love with ShyGuy118 while Rue struggles with her romantic feelings towards her best friend. She also tries to get clean, specifically because Jules asked her to.

Elsewhere, Kat blossoms and begins to take ownership of her body and sexuality – through somewhat disturbing means given her age. Plus, Maddy snoops through Nate’s phone and discovers something surprising.

5. Rue decides to get clean.

It’s incredibly surprising to start this episode with Rue at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting claiming she’s been clean for 60 days. The fentanyl incident deeply frightened her but the real reason she decided to get clean was for Jules.

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That night at Fezco’s was scary for everyone involved. Jules pleads with Rue to get clean. She can’t bear the thought of something happening to Rue, a running theme this week as the same can be said for Rue about Jules.

Unfortunately, Rue wasn’t telling the whole truth at that meeting. She was clean for two weeks and then she slipped up and took pills. A man named Ali calls her out on this outside of the meeting. Then he offers her his business card. When she decides not to kill herself with drugs, she can give him a call.

4. Jules continues to fall for ShyGuy118.

Jules still doesn’t know that ShyGuy118 is Nate. The two of them have been staying up late on a nightly basis chatting with each other. Their relationship is deepening into something increasingly intimate. Jules even asks Rue to help her take some artful nude photos to send him.

Given Rue’s feelings for Jules, she has a hard time keeping her composure during their photo shoot, particularly given Jules is prone to physical affection when she’s happy. WIthholding her true feelings pushes Rue towards the edge and causes her to relapse with pills she finds in Jules’ kitchen.

Euphoria – Season 1, episode 3 (debut 6/30/19): Barbie Ferreira. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO /

3. Kat makes her debut in the cam world.

Continuing off of last week, Kat continues her dalliance into the world of porn and camming. She sets up her account officially and uploads a video of herself dancing provocatively. The only thing hiding her true identity is a cat mask that obscures the top half of her face.

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She meets a man online who labels himself an “odd duck” and tells her he has “extreme kinks,” which include hardcore humiliation. He wants Kat to humiliate him while he masturbates. Kat uses her new relationship with him to earn money through Bitcoin currency and gets the help of Fezco’s little brother to convert it into cash which is then used to build herself a new wardrobe.

Euphoria – Season 1, episode 3 (debut 6/30/19): Sydney Sweeney, Algee Smith. photo: Courtesy of HBO /

2. Maddy snoops through Nate’s phone.

Maddy begins to suspect something is amiss with her relationship and so he goes through Nate’s room while he’s in the shower. It’s full of d**k pics from other men, notably the men he’s been talking to through the same dating app he’s been using to chat with Jules. Maddy doesn’t know what to make of her discovery and quickly leaves.

She asks Kat for advice. Kat tells her sexuality is a spectrum, although she doesn’t know who Maddy is referring to. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Euphoria – Season 1, episode 3 (debut 6/30/19): Hunter Schafer, Zendaya. photo: Courtesy of HBO /

1. Rue reaches her breaking point.

Zendaya has truly been delivering stunning acting every episode this season. That girl is giving it her all. But her scenes at the end of this episode are definitely the most raw and emotionally compelling yet. She and Jules get into a fight about ShyGuy118. Jules is afraid of what will happen if Jules meets up with this guy and Jules wants Rue to be happy for her. Eventually, Rue goes to apologize to Jules and she breaks down, all she wants is Jules to be safe because she loves her. They hug and makeup.

There’s a perfectly sweet moment where Jules tells she “hates everyone else in the world but you.” Rue acts on emotion and kisses Jules. Before either of them can process what happened, Rue runs off, straight to Fezco’s house. She begs him for Oxycontin but he refuses to give it to her. He cares about Rue too much.

She can’t handle it anymore and collapses into tears on his porch, torn between anger and agony. She blames Fez for making her like this and for not fixing it. It’s devastating and Zendaya will break your heart. But it does push her to make that phone call to Ali. Perhaps he’ll be able to give her some real help.

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Odds & Ends

  • Both the opening  “Larry” fanfiction segment and the proper d**k pic segment in this episode were hilarious.

A new episode of Euphoria titled “Shook One Pt. II” debuts July 7 at 10/9c on HBO.