Euphoria Season 1, Episode 2: 5 shocking moments

Season 1, episode 2 (debut 6/23/19): Zendaya, Hunter Schafer. photo: Courtesy of HBO
Season 1, episode 2 (debut 6/23/19): Zendaya, Hunter Schafer. photo: Courtesy of HBO /
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Jules meets someone new and exciting on a dating app while Rue is coaxed into experimenting with a scary new drug on the second episode of Euphoria.

In Euphoria’s second hour, the focus falls primarily on Nate and his disturbing family life. At the end of the first episode, Nate’s father, Cal (Eric Dane), is revealed as Jules rapist.

This week’s episode, aptly titled “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” dissects the many ways Cal’s secret life affected Nate’s adolescence and his self-worth. Nate stumbled upon a disturbing collection of Cal’s many conquests.

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WARNING: Please be aware that while Euphoria focuses on teenage characters, it does deal with extremely mature content.

His father secretly records every “session” he has with underage men and transgender women on illicit DVDs. Nate obsessively began to watch them. Seeing child pornography when you’re a child is more than enough to seriously mess with your head, it’s no surprise then that Nate is involved in many of the episode’s most shocking moments.

5. Nate beats Tyler to a bloody pulp.

The most significant male role model Nate has in his life is a rapist. It isn’t surprising that Nate adopted many of his father’s most predatory traits. He is possessive over Maddy to the point of menace.

In the pilot episode, Maddy had sex with Tyler to make Nate jealous. We find out Tyler is 22-years-old and Maddy was potentially black-out drunk, making the entire encounter sexual assault.

Even though Nate cannot stand the idea of other men touching Maddy, or even looking at her (he is obsessed with her purity, evidenced by the angelic-looking teddy he buys her, again, another similarity to Cal), he revels in the idea of protecting Maddy from these men in a brutal fashion.

It is perhaps most telling that Nate wants to murder men who commit similar crimes as his father.

Nate breaks into Tyler’s apartment and beats him within an inch of his life. He forces him to admit he raped Maddy and threatens to have him arrested if he reports Nate to the police. The cyclical violence is disturbing.