Euphoria series premiere preview: Rue gets out of rehab

Season 1, episode 1 (debut 6/16/19): Zendaya. photo: Courtesy of HBO
Season 1, episode 1 (debut 6/16/19): Zendaya. photo: Courtesy of HBO /

HBO debuts its new edgy teen drama starring Zendaya tonight, find out all the details you need to watch the first episode of Euphoria live.

When it was announced that HBO would be adapting the popular Israeli series, Euphoria, for American audiences, fans were extremely excited. Then the news broke that Zendaya was cast in the lead role of Rue, a former drug addict who is released from rehab — with no intention of staying clean.

The first episode of the series deals with 17-year-old Rue’s return to her hometown. She meets Jules, a transgender girl struggling to figure out where she belongs at a party. The other characters on the show consist of Nate, a jock with sexual insecurities, Cassie, a girl with a complicated sexual history, and Kat, a body-positive teen trying to experiment with her own sexuality.

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In the pilot episode, we’ll see much of the action take place at McKay’s party. Drama strikes between the couple, Nate and Maddy, who are attempting to make one another jealous. And Rue hits it off with Jules.

Right now, the series is garnering a lot of positive attention from critics, although some are pointing out that the darkness and explicitly sexuality may not be suitable for teen audiences. I’m not entirely sure of Euphoria is meant for teens or not, the story is obviously about teenagers but the actors are not. Many have praised the show its honesty and realism.

Here is the official synopsis of Euphoria’s pilot episode if you want to read it before the episode airs:

"Rue returns home from rehab with no plans to stay clean and meets Jules, who’s new in town, at a party at McKay’s house; McKay takes an interest in Cassie; Nate and Maddy, who have broken up once again, attempt to make each other jealous."

HBO also released the full-length trailer for the series, you can watch for yourself right here:

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You will need the HBO channel add-on to watch Euphoria live through your Amazon Prime Video subscription. But if you don’t intend to get the channel, yet still have HBO, you can watch it live.

And don’t forget to return to Amazon Adviser after the premiere to read our full breakdown of the episode!

Watch Season 1, Episode 1 of Euphoria

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Episode: Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot”
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