What to watch this week on Amazon Prime Video [June 10-14]

Absentia - Season 2 - Episode 201 -- Credit: Sony Pictures Television -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Absentia - Season 2 - Episode 201 -- Credit: Sony Pictures Television -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

It’s a new week and that should mean plenty of content to stream. There’s not as much as normal between June 10 and 14 on Amazon Prime Video, but here’s what you can watch.

Amazon Prime Video is relatively quiet this week. June 10 to 14 doesn’t have as many additions as in previous weeks. In a way, that’s a good thing. You’ll have plenty of time to watch what there is available — and you’ll probably still be catching up on all the releases from the May 31 drop.

Not sure what you can stream? There are two new additions this week.

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The first is the 2009 movie Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. While it only has a 26% Tomatometer reading on Rotten Tomatoes, the viewers are much fairer. It sits at 75% at the time of writing this and this is where, personally, it should sit.

Law Abiding Citizen sees Butler play a vigilante who wants revenge for the deaths of his wife and daughter. Despite the murderers being caught, they’re set free thanks to a loophole in the system. Jamie Foxx is a DA focused on getting legal justice for the victims but also preventing Butler’s character getting his revenge.

Check out the trailer for Law Abiding Citizen:

Law Abiding Citizen is released on Amazon Prime Video on June 13.

The second release is the highly anticipated Absentia Season 2. The Prime Original will be released on full at the end of the week, continuing the story of Stana Katic’s Emily Byrne.

Emily’s life should get back to normal after the death of her kidnapper at the end of the first season. However, her life has only just begun. It’s a new normal, as she continues to try to deal with the events that happened to her while also trying to repair the relationships with those around her.

Check out the trailer for Absentia Season 2:

All 10 episodes are available on Friday, June 14.

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What are you watching this week on Amazon Prime Video? Which movies and shows have jumped out at you recently? What are you waiting for throughout June? Let me know in the comments below.

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