5 takeaways from Blood and Treasure Season 1, Episode 3

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Blood and Treasure

“Code of the Hawaladar” Blood and Treasure — Pictured Michael James Shaw as Aiden Shaw Photo: Best Possible Screen Grab/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

On the new episode of Blood and Treasure, Lexi and Danny hatch a new scheme to find Farouk that involves Danny going undercover.

Since last week was a two-hour series premiere, we’re already on Episode 3 of Blood and Treasure. This week, Danny and Lexi are called in by Interpol when a valuable security file is stolen from a facility in Cyprus. The subject matter in question is an old photograph related to the investigation for Farouk and Cleopatra’s tomb.

In an attempt to track down the photo and Farouk, Danny concocts a plan to go undercover as Aidan Shaw and meet with Farouk’s hawaladar in order to get his payment. Since Farouk wants Shaw dead, his appearance will guarantee a phone call is made and then Interpol can trace the call to Farouk’s hideout. Too bad the plan gets completely messed up. Here are the 5 biggest takeaways from Blood and Treasure Season 1, Episode 3.

5. Danny’s old friend Marwan could be a great asset.

The plan to trace the banker’s phone call back to Farouk goes awry when a man named Marwan (an old interpreter friend of Danny’s) interrupts to greet FBI Agent Danny, who, up until that moment, had been masquerading as Shaw. With his cover blown, the banker calls in his back-up (apparently the dude has a lot of buff nephews) and a fight ensues.

Marwan gets to make up for his flub by working as a translator once again for an interrogation. Marwan pleads on Danny’s behalf for the captured Khalid to give up the information they need on Farouk. Khalid isn’t a bad man, but he finances terrorist acts by working with Farouk. Marwan is able to make him see reason and he agrees to help Danny.

According to the co-creator of Blood and Treasure, we may see Marwan again later in the season!

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4. Shaw is on the run once again.

As Lexi states, at least he’s consistent. Shaw is only left alone for a few minutes and in that time he manages to break out of his handcuffs and go free into the winding cities of Rome.

We don’t see or hear from him again in the episode but I assume this isn’t the last we see of Aidan Shaw. I sure hope not, anyway, because he was hilarious and his banter with Lexi and Danny was unparalleled. Here I was hoping he’d become part of the main team.

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