This week in Amazon Videos: All the promos and clips Amazon released [Apr. 8-14]

Hanna -- Photo Credit: Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via
Hanna -- Photo Credit: Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via /

Every week, Amazon Prime Video releases many clips and promos for upcoming shows and favorite Prime Originals. Here’s a look at all the Amazon Videos released between Apr. 8 and 14.

Whether it’s trailers for upcoming Prime Originals, clips from firm favorites, or behind-the-scenes looks at current shows, Amazon Prime Video has a lot to offer on YouTube. Every week, there’s a new collection of Amazon Videos to watch and assess.

This is a chance to look at last week’s Amazon Videos. Here are all the clips, promos, and more released between Apr. 8 to 14.

Because there tends to be a lot of videos, some of them I’ll link to while others I’ll embed in the post.

Sneaky Pete Season 3 trailer

The start of the week brought some exciting news for Sneaky Pete fans. The trailer for the upcoming third season was released, along with a release date. While we’re certainly excited about the release date finally being confirmed — and not that far away, either — it was the trailer that offered a lot more to get intrigued about.

It’s clear that Pete/Marius isn’t really sure who he is or what he wants now. The series all started with a con and it certainly feels like this could wrap everything up. Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed as the last — and we certainly hope it isn’t — but this trailer certainly makes it look like Marius is bringing things to an intense end.

Hanna Season 1 featurette with David Farr

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If you’ve wanted to get into the mind of the writer for Hanna and how the casting of some of the characters came about, Amazon Prime Video’s YouTube channel is a place to be. This week, one of the Amazon Videos was a featurette on Hanna Season 1, looking into the casting of Erik.

Series writer David Farr explained how the casting came about. Joel Kinnaman was someone he had in mind rather than creating the series and then finding someone to play the roles. It certainly offers an intriguing look into the character.

It also looks at the reason behind the series being created. This was about offering something the movie couldn’t — a look at Hanna’s backstory.

Fleabag Season 2 trailer

Next up on the list is the trailer for Fleabag Season 2. Like Sneaky Pete, the series is coming out in May and will offer more comedy and drama within one. It’s been three years since the first season and fans had been getting worried the second season wouldn’t make it to Prime.

It was released in the UK on Mar. 14 and now fans will get to see “Fleabag vs. God.” This season has faith and hope at the core. Get ready for one of the most uncomfortable dinner parties you’ll ever witness, when Fleabag becomes focused on Godmother’s Priest.

Days later, another Fleabag promo was released. This is a series Amazon wants to remind you is coming back.

Fleabag Season 2 is released on Amazon Prime Video on May 17.

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Guava Island clip

The latest Amazon Original to hit the service is the new movie, Guava Island. It was a relatively quiet arrival, not even included on the list of movies and shows coming to Amazon Prime Video in April 2019.

One of the Amazon Videos last week was a clip from the movie, getting you ready for the exciting addition. Deni and Red interact throughout the clip, and it doesn’t offer any major spoilers for the whole movie.

There was also a clip of Deni and Kofi released days earlier.

Guava Island, starring Donald Glover and Rhianna, is on Prime Video now.

Game of Thrones cast confessions

It’s the final season of Game of Thrones. Despite it not being available to purchase on Amazon Video, there is an Amazon connection. You can get HBO through Amazon Channels to watch live and on-demand. So it’s not all that surprising that Amazon Prime is offering some clips to look back over the series.

This video is all about cast confessions. The likes of Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Jerome Flynn, and more sit down and share some of the confessions of the cast.

Game of Thrones Season 8 airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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Amazon Videos offer some exciting looks into the shows that are coming up and clips of intriguing movies. You’ll want to keep an eye on the Prime Video YouTube channel for more.

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