10 most highly anticipated TV shows coming in 2019

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DEADLY CLASS — Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy — Acquired via NBC Media Village

2019 is a big year for TV. Some shows are starting afresh, others have jumped to new networks, and some are coming to an end. Here are the 10 most highly anticipated TV shows in 2019 that you’ll want to watch.

It’s all about TV in 2019. Between reboots, new shots, shows jumping to new networks, and shows airing their final seasons, there’s plenty of content to look forward to. With the old year coming to an end tonight, it’s time to look ahead at what’s to come.

This is all about the shows premiering at some point in 2019. That means the shows that began new seasons in fall 2018 and are waiting for their midseason premiere dates aren’t going to be included. Sorry SupernaturalNCISSEAL Team, and Grey’s Anatomy fans — and yes, they’re some of my favorite shows on TV right now.

Not all of these shows will have premiere dates set in stone just yet. We know they’re coming at some point in 2019, though. Once they do have a release date, I’ll make sure this list is updated.

The shows are from multiple networks, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. Whether you love fantasy, sci-fi, old-school reboots, comedy, or a mixture of all, this list of shows will have you covered.

Are you ready to countdown the 10 most highly anticipated TV shows coming in 2019?

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