Christmas Countdown Day #8: Before I Fall

Before I Fall -- From Awesomeness TV -- Acquired via Before I Fall
Before I Fall -- From Awesomeness TV -- Acquired via Before I Fall /

Before I Fall is now on Amazon Prime Video. It’s the next movie to watch in the Christmas Countdown.

As part of the run to Christmas, the team at Amazon Adviser is bringing a movie to watch per day. All these movies are available on Amazon Prime Video throughout December and one that’s dropping today is Before I Fall. This YA-movie is the perfect option for a lazy Saturday night.

Directed by Ry Russo-Young and written by Maria Maggenti, the 2017 movie is based on the Lauren Oliver novel of the same name. While the novel was written and optioned in 2010, it took until last year to develop into a movie.

What is Before I Fall?

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If you love Groundhog Day, you’ll want to check out Before I Fall for the similar plot. A girl has to relive the same day in a loop. The difference is she dies at the end of each day, similar to the later released Happy Death Day.

Samantha Kingston goes through her day as normal. Seemingly popular and with the perfect life, she goes to school and then to a party. When returning home, the car she’s in is involved in an accident and she dies, only to wake up on the same day.

As this continues, she’s forced to figure out how to change things. Going through the five stages of grief, she ends up realizing that her perfect life is one of hate and anger. She’s a bully and only she can change things in a way that will help her get to the next day.

Zoe Deutch stars as Sam, with Halston Sage, Logan Miller, and Elena Kampouris also in the movie. The movie and book differ slightly due to time constraints, but they mostly focus on the same tale.

Financial and critical success

Before I Fall has certainly received mixed reviews, but it really depends on what you want to gain out of the movie as to whether you’ll enjoy it. Those who loved the book have enjoyed the movie adaptation. It’s a very typical YA novel/movie in terms of plot points, but that’s not overall a bad thing.

With a 64% Tomatometer reading and 57% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, it is a middle of the ground movie. You’re not spending any extra money, so what are you missing out on by giving it a chance. With it being a PG-13 movie, it’s perfect if you have tweens or teens that are interested.

It almost made it’s estimated budget of $5,000,000 over opening weekend. It more than doubled it overall, finishing on $12,230,791 in the U.S. and $12,498,674 worldwide.

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What are you watching tonight on Amazon Prime Video? Is Before I Fall on your list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Before I Fall is now available on Amazon Prime Video.