Bosch Season 2: 5 things we want to see in new season

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Bosch Season 2
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Bosch Season 2 will be released on Friday, March 11 and these are five things we want from the new season

After over a year since the first season started streaming in its entirety, Harry Bosch and company are finally coming back as Bosch Season 2 will begin streaming on Friday, March 11 on Amazon Prime Video. Everyone rejoice at the return of their favorite detective. 

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The first season of Bosch featured Harry Bosch facing a litany of problems that ranged from a 20-year-old murder being investigated to a serial killer being on the loose in Los Angeles and everyone chasing after him trying to stop him. Though the show was slow at times, the overall work on Season 1 of the show was highly enjoyable, hence the excitement for Bosch Season 2.

With the trailer having been out for a couple of months now for the new season, though, we have a loose idea of what’s going to be happening in Bosch Season 2 as it appears that Harry and the LAPD will be after organized crime in the city. While that could be good, there are things that we and other fans of the show need to see for this season to work as well as the first.

In the hopes that Bosch Season 2 will be as good as it possibly could be, these are five things that we want to see in the new season.

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