How to connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to Amazon Video


This week, Amazon Video and Disney announced a partnership that brings Disney Movies Anywhere to Amazon Video.

What does that mean, you ask?

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Well, it’s relatively simple, but I start at the beginning. Disney created a streaming app, which allows you to buy and watch Disney movies and all of Disney’s partner companies, like Marvel, Pixar, etc., on your favorite devices. Originally, the app was available through iTunes and AppleTV. So, basically, you would just download the app and start buying digital movies and watching them on your devices. That’s how it worked until a few days ago.

Now, the Disney Movies Anywhere app is available through Amazon Video, Microsoft (XBox 360), and they are working on bringing it to Amazon Fire and Roku later this month, according to a report from 9 to 5. What that means is that, if you have an account through Microsoft or Amazon Video, you can connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to your, say, Amazon account, and you can have access to your Disney movies on your smartTV or other devices through our Amazon Video account.

Does that make sense?

Basically, it’s just linking all of your media together and putting it in one spot, so you can watch all your content through one provider, Amazon Video.

So, how do you link your Disney Movies Anywhere account to your Amazon Video account? Well, that’s much simpler, honestly!

All you do is go to this link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

And, then you’ll see this screen:

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon /

Click the connect accounts button on the screen… And, then you type in your login info, and voila! You have connected your Amazon Video and Disney Movies Anywhere accounts.

Now, you should be able to buy any Disney movies through your Amazon/Disney accounts!

If you connect to your Disney account to any of the available accounts (iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU, Microsoft Movies & TV or Google Play), you get a free digital copy of Monsters, inc. 

If you are having trouble connecting your accounts, you can also use the instructions Disney has posted on their Disney Movies Anywhere website. I’ve listed them below, via Disney Movies Anywhere:

"To connect a participating provider account to your Disney Movies Anywhere account, follow the instructions below."

"1. Sign in to your Disney Movies Anywhere account and go to your Settings2. Select “Account”3. Select “Connect Accounts”4. Select the participating provider account you would like to connect5. You will be guided to your selected participating provider to complete the process. Follow all on-screen instructions to connect your accounts.6. Return to Disney Movies Anywhere and go to “Connect Accounts” in your Settings to confirm that your accounts are connected."

Obviously, you should read the terms of use for anything you sign up for or before connecting the accounts. I think that goes without saying, but please make sure you understand what you are doing.

Happy streaming!

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