50 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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Carnival Row, Amazon
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3. Carnival Row (2019-present)

1 Season

Created by Travis Beacham and René Echevarria

Starring Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Andrew Gower, Karla Crome, Arty Froushan, Indira Varma, Jared Harris

Carnival Row is Amazon’s newest Prime Original and it’s immediately entered into first place on the list. Is that just? Well, we certainly think so.

It wasn’t clear what we should expect from the series at first. We got a look at the world overall and the two lead characters, but the show became so much more. It’s a fantasy series mixed with history, drama, thriller, and much more. There’s a real-worldliness element to it, making it seem possible.

This is a show that isn’t afraid to touch on real politics. Humans and fae live in the same place, but refugees are treated as a lower class. Even those born with the humans are seen as different and lesser-than. However, there are a few humans out there who see beneath the surface.

Is it enough to put the police on a mission to find a killer? Not until a human becomes a victim. Then it’s time to find out who is the murderer—and anyone will do, as long as it makes sense.

This is a show we could see becoming as big as Game of Thrones. It certainly has many of the same themes, but offers a deeper story from the get-go. It’s clear Amazon has high hopes, renewing it for a second season before the first was even released.

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