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Tales from the Loop
Photo: Abby Ryder Fortson as Young Loretta – Tales from the Loop – Credit: Jan Thijs – Courtesy of Amazon Studios/EPK TV /

4. Tales from the Loop (2020-Present)

1 Seasons

Developed by Nathaniel Halpern

Based on Tales from the Loop, 2014 narrative artbook by Simon Stålenhag

Starring Abby Ryder Fortson, Rebecca Hall, Tyler Barnhardt, Daniel Zohlgadri, Duncan Joiner, Jonathan Pryce, Nicole Law, Ato Essandoh

Tales from the Loop quickly became one of the most anticipated shows during the month it was released. That’s not surprising considering the lack of news we have going into the series. All we knew is that it would bring science fiction to life.

One small town is connected by something called “The Loop.” It quickly proves to connect the entire town, bringing science fiction to life. Whether it’s body-switching, time loops, or freezing time, we get a look at what could be.

However, it’s soon clear that the series isn’t just about sci-fi becoming real. It focuses on the heartbreak that science fiction can lead to. That ability to switch bodies and be another person isn’t necessarily a good thing for life. The chance to freeze time and be alone isn’t always going to be something fun.

The episodes can be watched out of order, but they do connect to each other. In some cases, you need to watch a previous episode to fully understand a connection, especially as you get to the second half of the first season. There is focus on friendship, love, and family in the individual episodes, bringing a grounded approach to the sci-fi genre.

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