Will Outer Range become the next OA? (Is Season 3 happening?)

One thing is clear about Outer Range. There's a huge story developing, and the creators need time. The question is whether Amazon will give the series that time, or whether the show will be another OA.
OPEN RANGE-Episode 104. Richard Foreman/Prime Video.
OPEN RANGE-Episode 104. Richard Foreman/Prime Video. /

Think back to when OA was first developed. This was created as a five-season series, and Netflix knew that. However, it abruptly ended after two seasons. Now Outer Range fans fear that their show will become another series like this.

Amazon’s sci-fi western is clearly a well-crafted, developed series. Outer Range is more than just your western drama. It includes time travel, memory loss, and visions of a dark future. The second season arrived in May, and it brought us far more questions than it did answers.

Fans are now waiting for some renewal news for the series. That’s not happened yet. Could the series end up canceled?

Don’t worry about no Outer Range news yet

The second season arrived May 16, 2024. It dropped as a binge-watch, which I will say I think was a risk for the series. The first season dropped with two episodes a week, leading to time for discussion and speculation as the mystery of the void unfolded.

We’re not even a month after the release of the season. Amazon can take a couple of months to renew shows. In fact, some shows have taken longer to renew. Just look at how long fans of Hunters and The Terminal List had to wait for second season renewals.

So, a lack of renewal right now isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Right now, no news remains good news. At least it’s not a cancellation. You’ll just want to get your friends to watch the show, as a series like this requires viewership to keep going. It’s a costly series with all the time hopping and science fiction elements.

Amazon has made some disappointing decisions recently

Amazon needs some big hits for its streaming platforms. Critically, Outer Range is one of them. But that was also the case with OA on Netflix. Despite this, Netflix canceled the mystery series abruptly, leaving fans wondering about all the answers. It’s hard to want to get invested when we don’t get the pay off.

Fans have reason to be worried, as well. It’s not like Amazon has a good track record with renewing shows recently. At the end of 2023, three shows were canceled. All of them were interesting and diverse shows, covering a wide variety of genres. I’m still salty about the cancellations of With Love and The Horror of Dolores Roach.

I’m trying not to sound like a cynic at this point, but Outer Range has something going for it. The lead is a white male. I love Josh Brolin, I really do. The problem is network TV and streamers are all turning to the old standard of TV, taking steps backward in bringing the much-needed diversity. And yes, I know some of you will want to call me “woke,” but I don’t care if what you really mean is that I’m interested in TV serving all audiences and not just the straight white guy!

Back to Outer Range, the series is at risk of becoming another OA. I do think part of that is the timing and the method of release. Amazon knows that weekly releases are performing well. Instead, the streamer release the second season as a binge-watch up against Netflix’s Bridgerton. What do you really think people were watching that weekend?

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