Outer Range Season 2 will be released as a binge-watch (how many episodes?)

Unlike Season 1, Outer Range Season 2 will come to Prime Video as a binge-watch. How many hours do you need to hold to watch in full?
OPEN RANGE-Episode 104. Richard Foreman/Prime Video.
OPEN RANGE-Episode 104. Richard Foreman/Prime Video. /

While Prime Video released Outer Range Season 1 weekly, Outer Range Season 2 is being released as one big binge. You’ll need to make sure you leave plenty of hours in one day to watch it all back-to-back.

Amazon doesn’t have a consistent way of releasing content. It does seem to be moving back to the binge-watch release lately, but that could be linked to the pandemic and then the strike action. There has been a long wait for some shows, and releasing as a binge-watch makes more sense to get the attention back.

Arguably, the binge-watch release is a problem for shows, though. Some shows will have people binge the whole way through, but other shows don’t have enough promotion and then people don’t realize a show is back or forget about it after a couple of weeks and don’t end up watching all the episodes.

So, fans who want more Outer Range will need to make sure they binge-watch the second season. All episodes drop at once on Thursday, May 16.

How many episodes are in Outer Range Season 2?

There are eight episodes in the second season, matching the first. You’ll want to leave just short of eight hours to be able to stream all of them.

The sixth episode is a special one. Radio Times reports that the sixth episode is directed by Josh Brolin, who stars as Royal Abbott in the series.

The only character we’re not certain will return in Outer Range Season 2 is Noah Reid’s Billy Tillerson. Royal attempted to kill Billy at the end of the first season, but images of the second season show him in a hospital bed. Will he end up making a recovery?

Royal has a lot to deal with in the second season, and it’s not just about Autumn and the void that is on his land. His wife, Cecilia seems to know something, but what is it? Royal knows that he can’t trust his wife, and she is the one he was always supposed to be able to trust the most.

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Outer Range Season 2 drops in full on Thursday, May 16 on Prime Video.