Where will The Monkey Man stream after theaters? (Will it come to Prime Video?)

Dev Patel stars as The Monkey Man, which is out in theaters now. Will The Monkey Man come to Prime Video afterward?
"Monkey Man" - UK Special Screening - VIP Arrivals
"Monkey Man" - UK Special Screening - VIP Arrivals / Dave Benett/GettyImages

There are a few movies out in theaters right now, and if you’re into action, The Monkey Man is going to be on your radar. We take a look at where the movie is likely to stream at home after theaters.

Dev Patel stars as a young man who is making the way in the world by working in an underground fight club. He wears a gorilla mask and each night he allows himself to be beaten to a pulp for money. However, there’s a sinister elite that he is trying to figure his way through as he does this.

For years, he’s been able to suppress his rage, but his childhood trauma is about to come out. Men are going to find out just what he’s capable of as he seeks for justice and retribution.

The Monkey Man is not coming to Prime Video at first

The Monkey Man is a Universal Pictures movie. This means that it is not heading to Prime Video as its first streaming home. Universal movies head to Peacock at first.

There is some good news, though. The Monkey Man is likely to head to Prime Video after the Peacock release. We’ve seen that with a few Universal Pictures movies in recent months, so there’s no reason to think that it won’t happen again.

Watch The Monkey Man on Digital via Amazon Video

What about the Digital release? This makes it possible to buy or rent movies on Amazon Instant Video, giving you the opportunity to watch when you want. There is some great news for those who want to buy The Monkey Man.

The action movie will head to Amazon Instant Video and other Digital platforms. It’s not exactly clear when that will happen, but we’ve seen Universal movies head to Digital one to two months after the theatrical release. This suggests that we’ll see the movie arrive on Digital around the end of May or the start of June.

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The Monkey Man is currently out in theaters.