What is Hazbin Hotel about? (It's perfect for fans of Lucifer)

Hazbin Hotel is a new animated comedy heading to Prime Video this week. This is great for those who love Lucifer for the nightclub moments.
Charlie Morningstar
Charlie Morningstar /

What do you do when Hell is overrun? Because of course, Hell is overrun! Well, Lucifer’s daughter thinks she has the perfect solution, and so we get the series Hazbin Hotel.

Charlie Morningstar is the daughter of Lucifer, which makes her the Princess of Hell. Of course, she wants to keep Hell running, a place that is supposed to rehabilitate sinners. The problem is that Hell is being overrun.

Adam and other angels head to Hell for the annual purge. As you would expect, it means many demons are killed. Charlie doesn’t want this to happen, so she goes on a mission to figure out how to save the souls of Hell and help them rehabilitate so they can go to Heaven. She creates the “Happy Hotel.”

Why is Hazbin Hotel perfect for Lucifer fans?

There is very little that’s the same as Lucifer in this animated comedy. The bit that Lucifer fans will adore is the hotel’s focus. This is more than just a regular place for souls to check in. It becomes a place of entertainment.

Charlie’s manager and girlfriend, Vaggie, helps her set up the hotel. She also has Angel Dust, a pornographic film actor to help her make her dream a reality as her first patron. Of course, that’s sure to lead to hilarious horror.

As the hotel picks up, Alastor decides to get in on the game. Initially, he thought this plan was laughable. However, he realizes there may be something in it…for him.

This is a musical animated comedy, so expect plenty of dance and singing numbers throughout.

If the story seems a little familiar, that’s because the first episode was released back in October 2019. It was a huge success, leading to this series, which has already been confirmed to return for a second season.

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Hazbin Hotel premieres on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 19.