What happened to Tek Knight in The Boys Season 4?

Tek Knight hosted a party that was supposed to make him part of the big plan with Vought. What happened to him in The Boys Season 4?
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

Tek Knight brings us some of Batman’s story to the world of The Boys. He is the Supe billionaire who comes from Old Money and has a butler who raised him. It turns out that he is also very much into kinks and into Ashley.

Caution: this post is full of spoilers from The Boys Season 4, Episode 6.

We learned a lot about Hughie’s favorite supe growing up in The Boys Season 4, Episode 6. Some of it we really didn’t need to know, and it’s hard not to feel bad for Hughie, who went in undercover as a supe.

Fortunately, Starlight and Kimiko got to Hughie before Tek Knight killed him. This led to the group finally figuring out what Vought is up to. While Joe Kessler was a figment of Butcher’s imagination, it turned out that he had the right idea. Homelander and co. are putting together internment camps.

Tek Knight’s butler kills him in The Boys

After getting all the information—while giving away money to wealthy causes—Tek Knight’s butler was able to sneak up on a tied-up Tek Knight. He strangled him, telling the group that he would make it look like an accident. They were free to leave.

Of course, we didn’t see the death happen on screen. We had to hope that the butler would go through with it.

It turns out that he did, but Homelander knows that Starlight may have been behind it. Firecracker tells Homelander that Starlight was there. While she chased Starlight off (that’s a lie!), she thinks that Starlight may have killed Tek Knight.

Homelander now knows that Cameron wasn’t the leak. He’s back to square one with that, and he turns it on Firecracker. Firecracker let Starlight get away, so what’s to say the new supe isn’t the leak? With everything that Firecracker has gained from Homelander, she made it clear that she is loyal to him. She’s so loyal that she has taken a mixture of drugs to make her breasts produce milk, and he is more than welcome to drink from them.

This season has become even more diabolical than the others. And it looks like the supes have lost a billionaire in The Boys Season 4.

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