Did Eric Kripke hint Joe Kessler is real in The Boys?

With The Boys coming to an end with Season 5, eyes are on other spin-off ideas. One idea that has come up is one with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which suggests that Joe Kessler is really there.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Karl Urban
Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Karl Urban /

There are fan theories among The Boys fans that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, Joe Kessler, isn’t really there. He’s potentially a figment of Butcher’s imagination. However, Eric Kripke seems to have teased that he may be real.

Kessler has shown up only to speak to Butcher. He seems to be encouraging Butcher to continue the fight against Homelander. Meanwhile, Becca turns up to keep Butcher fighting for Ryan. We know Becca is a hallucination as we already saw her death happen. This would suggest that Kessler is as well.

Becca shows up when Butcher needs to fight for his own survival or when he needs the reminder to fight for Ryan. Meanwhile, Kessler is there when Butcher’s need for revenge against Homelander shows up.

Eric Kripke talks potential The Boys spin-off with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In an interview with Deadline, The Boys creator and showrunner Eric Kripke talked about spin-offs. We know there are others in the works, but there was a question about Joe Kessler getting a spin-off. This would suggest that Kessler is very much real in the season.

Well, sort of. Kripke didn’t confirm that there would be a spin-off or that the series was setting one up. Instead, he shared that if Jeffrey Dean Morgan was interested and there was something that worked out, then he would be up for it. Kripke has played coy in the past so to not reveal things, such as trying to avoid confirming that The Boys would end with Season 5 until he was allowed to. He could just be agreeing to a potential idea to keep fans guessing.

"Hey, man, if Jeffrey wants to do it, and it works out, who wouldn’t want to Jeffrey Dean Boys spinoff?"

A spin-off would still be plausible. What about a prequel series? My theory is that we’ll find out Butcher feels responsible for Kessler’s death, and that’s why Kessler pops up as a hallucination. This could lead to a big story that is worth exploring in a spin-off series.

I’d be up for seeing more Jeffrey Dean Morgan on my screens. Can we make it possible?

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