What happened to the octopus in The Boys Season 4, Episode 7?

The Deep has continued to have a secret relationship with his octopus girlfriend in The Boys Season 4. Has that officially come to an end? What happened to the octopus?
The Boys - Episode 301 - “Payback” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 301 - “Payback” Courtesy Prime Video /

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the octopus in The Boys. She has remained loyal to The Deep throughout everything, and that’s despite The Deep making promises he couldn’t and wouldn’t keep.

Caution: This post contains spoilers for The Boys Season 4, Episode 7.

The relationship came to a head in The Boys Season 4, Episode 7. The Deep made a choice that he simply can’t come back from, and it’s not good for marine life as a whole.

The Deep continues his relationship with Sage in The Boys

We get a moment of The Deep with the octopus together in The Boys Season 4, Episode 7. That’s quickly short-lived when The Deep gets a message from Sage telling him to come to her. The Deep quickly puts his octopus girlfriend back into her hidden and dirty tank.

It’s not the way an octopus should live. All she wants is to be moved back into the big tank. She wants light and clean water. The Deep continues to make empty promises to her.

In the end, the octopus’s needs become too much, especially as she shares that she knows The Deep is with Sage. The Deep lashes out in anger and smashes the tank, leaving the octopus to suffocate in the air.

Does The Deep save the octopus?

You would hope that The Deep would realize his mistake and quickly rectify it. However, he doesn’t. He just listens to the octopus calling for him and suffocating. There is a humorous element to it with The Deep thinking she’s dead and then her taking another quick breath and asking for help, but in the end, The Deep continues to go the route of Homelander. He allows the octopus to die.

We cut to him zoning out as Homelander gives him his next orders. As he snaps back to reality, he offers to kill all fish life if Homelander asks. This is a huge change from The Deep’s initial character development that saw him struggle to do anything that would harm marine life.

The Deep hasn’t had a lot of screentime, and we’ve arguably needed it to feel anything for him. He’s just been there, and there’s been no attempt at a redemption arc for him after his first introduction when he sexually assaulted Starlight. Well, now there is no turning back. He is giving into his darker self, and it’s time for someone to take him out.

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