We could need to wait until 2026 for The Boys Season 5

The Boys Season 5 is officially happening, but we have to wait for it. That wait could be until 2026, and here's why.
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

In some great news, The Boys Season 5 is happening. In some bad news, we likely have a long wait on our hands.

The earliest we’ll see The Boys Season 5 is in 2025. That’s not likely to be the case, though. We could have to wait until 2026. And this isn’t just based on the release schedules of previous seasons. The early renewal could help with it coming out in early 2026, but we’re still likely to have to wait at least 18 months.

Gen V Season 2 is likely coming in 2025

There has been a two-year wait for the past two seasons of The Boys. Now, some of that has come down to delays with the pandemic and with the strike action last summer. It also could be due to production needs.

Amazon hasn’t left us without anything from the universe, though. The wait for Season 3 saw The Boys: Diabolical arrive. The wait for Season 4 brought us the spin-off series Gen V. That show was quickly renewed for a second season, and production work has started.

We’re likely to get Gen V Season 2 in 2025. Keep in mind that some of the Gen V characters are going to show up in The Boys Season 4, but there are a lot of questions about other characters stuck in that holding cell right now.

Amazon could opt to alternate years between Gen V and The Boys, meaning that if Gen V Season 2 arrives in 2025, we’ll have to wait until 2026 for The Boys Season 5.

There’s a lot of post-production work needed for The Boys

There’s no doubt that The Boys Season 5 will need a lot of work. This will delay the release.

This is a series that requires a lot of graphics. Look at all the CGI work that needs to go into the superpowers. And that part of the series is growing bigger and bigger. Is it all that surprising then that the post-production work is taking months to complete?

If we look at Upload, that show took 11 months from the end of production of Season 2 to that season arriving on Prime Video. The Boys could take around the same time under normal circumstances—the post-production work for Season 4 was delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. This could mean early 2026 is the earliest that we’ll see The Boys Season 5.

Keep in mind that this could be the final season, as well. Screen Rant shares that Eric Kripke came into the series with a five-year plan. It certainly looks like we’re building to that, which means everyone will want to take their time with this season to ensure it tells the story that they need and want for the fans.

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