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Gen V Season 2 is officially happening, but it looks like we have a wait on our hands for it. Could it arrive in 2024, or will we need to wait another year?

With the way things ended with Gen V Season 1, we need more of the story right away. We know that there’s no way we’ll get more episodes this year, but that doesn’t stop us from looking at 2024.

The bad news is that it’s unlikely we’ll see Gen V Season 2 arrive in 2024. We know that The Boys Season 4 will premiere at some point next year, so we could have to wait until 2025 for the new season of the spin-off.

Could Gen V Season 2 arrive in 2024?

It takes a long time to get through the whole production process for a show like this. We’ve usually seen at least 14 months between seasons of shows similar to this, and that’s without the strike action delaying things.

While the writers rooms were able to open in October, there’s a chance that the Gen V writers room was held back. After all, the SAG-AFTRA strike was still going on, and the first season was still airing when the renewal news was announced.

So, we’re looking at the pre-production work getting started now. That will likely mean we’re looking at early 2025 at the earliest for Gen V Season 2 to premiere. It just doesn’t seem like there’s going to be enough time to get through all stages of production before the end of 2024.

We know that Amazon already had a 2024 plan set out. It didn’t want to change the plan for 2025 due to the strike delay, which was the reason used behind the unrenewals of The Peripheral and A League of Their Own. That would suggest with the renewal of Gen V coming during the strike that it was part of the 2025 plan.

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Gen V is available to stream on Prime Video.