Why is A League of Their Own unrenewed by Amazon?

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It took time for A League of Their Own to land a second season, but it did. Now it turns out Amazon isn’t going ahead with it.

It took a long time for Amazon to give A League of Their Own a second season, but it finally happened. It was with the caveat of it being the final season, though. It was also half the length of the first season. But it was something.

That’s all changed. Amazon announced that the second season now won’t go ahead. Just why would the streamer do something like that?

Why A League of Their Own is unrenewed

The decision was blamed on the strike action by DeadlineA League of Their Own wasn’t the only show unrenewed, either. The Peripheral also had its second season rescinded for the same reason.

The strike action has caused delays. These shows were meant to start up production this year for 2024 releases. Amazon doesn’t want too long in between seasons as it makes it difficult to get the audience back. Just look at The Wilds, which returned after a long delay due to the pandemic only to be abruptly canceled.

With a 2025 show strategy already in place, Amazon didn’t want to impede too much on it. So, it decided to cancel a few shows that may end up being pushed into 2025.

It doesn’t make sense to do it to A League of Their Own though. This show had been final seasoned. Bringing closure is important to fans of shows. The lack of closure is why a lot of people don’t bother watching the first season of a show until they know there will be more to it. We were going to get closure and now that’s been taken away, so there are a lot of, understandably, unhappy fans.

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A League of Their Own is streaming on Prime Video.