Is A League of Their Own renewed for Season 2 at Amazon?

League of Their Own -- Courtesy of Prime Video
League of Their Own -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Amazon has finally made a decision about the future of A League of Their Own. Will the baseball series land a second season or not?

It took way too long for Amazon to give us an answer about this female-led series. Maybe the timing was just for Women’s History Month considering the topic of the series. Whatever the reason, the answer is finally here.

A League of Their Own Season 2 is officially happening. Before you rejoice too much, though, Amazon delivered some bad news about the length of the season and the future of the series after this.

A League of Their Own Season 2 is happening

While telling us that there wile a second season, Amazon also confirmed that it would be shorter than the first. There will only be four episodes according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On top of that, we found out that it would be the final season. The series is renewed to give the storylines a chance to wrap up. In a way, this is a good thing as it means we’re not left hanging. However, the series was well written and we want far more than the four episodes we’ve been given.

The decision comes down to the cost. Sony is the one behind the series, and the licensing fee was too high for Amazon to consider a full season. While in negotiations, Amazon and Sony decided a four-episode final season was better than nothing at all. It’s clear that Amazon wants the show to continue but the costs can’t be justified.

This is the way a lot of TV shows are going right now. It’s why Carnival Row Season 2 and Hunters Season 2 became the last. It’s why a lot of shows are being reduced to just 13 episodes per season on broadcast. The cost of TV is going up, but people aren’t spending the money on streaming and cable packages.

But to clarify, the show isn’t small. It isn’t one of those niche shows that struggled to find a following. It was huge internationally and well-written. It’s just the overall costs that have become a problem for streamers.

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A League of Their Own is streaming on Prime Video.