Can you watch the original Mean Girls movie on Amazon?

Want to rewatch the original Mean Girls movie? Here are all the details you need to stream it with Amazon.
"Mean Girls" - Global Premiere
"Mean Girls" - Global Premiere / Jason Mendez/GettyImages

When it comes to Mean Girls, now is a great time to watch the original. Lindsay Lohan is back on form, and the rebooted movie is coming to DVD and Blu-ray very soon.

The 2004 movie follows Lohan as Cady Harris. She moves from a country in Africa to America, where she gets her first experience of the high school system. This pulls her into the cliques, and she ends up forming a connection to The Plastics. They are the popular group, and suddenly, she ends up realizing that it’s difficult to give up popularity even if it’s not everything great.

The question for many is where to stream the original movie. There is some great news for those with Prime Video. While the movie isn’t on Prime Video for free, there are some options to watch with Amazon.

How to stream Mean Girls with Prime Video

While the 2004 Mean Girls is not on Prime Video, don’t get rid of your subscription just yet. This movie is available on Paramount+. This streamer is one of the Amazon Channels.

Yes, you’re paying a little more each month. There is a seven-day free trial if you have never had Paramount+ before. It’s a great way to watch the movie at no addition cost. Just remember to cancel your subscription.

Buy Mean Girls on Amazon Video

There is another way to watch on Amazon, though. You can buy or rent this movie on Digital. When you buy Mean Girls on Digital, you get to keep it in your Amazon Library. There is no additional cost, and you can watch it as often as you want. You’ll have it for as long as you have your Amazon account, even if it leaves Paramount+.

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Mean Girls is available to stream on Paramount+ via Amazon Channels.