THEM: The Scare age rating: This series earns its TV-MA rating

You want to jump into THEM: The Scare right away, but this is not a show to watch with the kids around. It certainly earns its TV-MA rating, and we take a look at why.
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Are you ready to delve into the second season of the anthology horror series, THEM? Of course you are, but you’ll want to wait for the kids to go to bed before you start THEM: The Scare.

If you’ve watched THEM: The Covenant, you’ll already know about the graphic horror that Little Marvin brings to our screens. This is great for those who love gore and horror, but it’s not a series for delicate minds.

The second season, which we’ve waited three years for, is no different. This certainly earns that TV-MA rating, and I wouldn’t even think it suitable for most older teenagers! Of course, this is going to be up to you as a parent.

THEM: The Scare is packed with gore and visual horror from the start

Little Marvin doesn’t not shy away from the fore and horror. We pretty much open with it during the first episode. Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve is called into a gruesome murder, and one that is going to leave lasting memories. The show makes sure that we see what Dawn sees, experiencing that visceral reaction.

The murder victim has been stuffed into a cabinet. Her body has been broken in multiple places, in the spine, the arms, the legs, and more. Then the face has been left in a look of supernatural fear.

That’s just to open. There are more murders that come throughout the series, and they are all just as visual to the audience. While the murders happen off-screen, we can hear them happen. We hear the bones breaking and snapping. If you have a weak stomach, this isn’t for you, and the show is sure to leave some lasting nightmares for younger viewers.

On top of that is the language. However, I can tell you now that the language is nothing compared to the gore shown.

There is some violence as well. THEM: The Scare is set during 1991 Los Angeles. This is the time just before the LA riots, as tensions between the Black community and the police ran high. Dawn is a Black woman in the police force, so she’s viewed as a traitor to Black people, despite being focused on helping her community.

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THEM: The Scare drops in full on Thursday, April 25 on Prime Video.