5 big questions after Them Season 1 finale

Pictured: Shahadi Wright Joseph (Ruby Lee Emory) in Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Pictured: Shahadi Wright Joseph (Ruby Lee Emory) in Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Amazon’s Them is a dark and horrifying journey through racism, fear, and grief. The Them Season 1 finale left us with a lot of questions.

The bad thing about an anthology series is that there’s no intention of revisiting previous seasons. Lena Waithe and Little Marvin will move onto an all-new story, which means all these burning questions about the Them Season 1 finale won’t be answered.

That doesn’t stop us having the questions. There may be a chance to get answers whether through interviews or potentially an episode in Them Season 2 if some of the storyline connects.

5 burning questions after the Them Season 1 finale

Will the Emory family get away alive?

The show left the Emory family on one side of a ring of fire, with the neighbors and two cops with guns on the other side. There’s no way anyone would believe their stories of things that happened in the house. They wouldn’t even bother trying to explain.

The family wants to move away. They’re willing to leave everything behind to get out, but will the police let them? Is there any way out of this situation without the entire family being murdered? Could that then lead to someone in this town becoming the next racist ghost.

What will the Emory family do next?

Even if the Emory family got out alive, what would happen to them next? Henry went on a mission of revenge by shooting one of his attackers. Everyone believes Henry had something to do with Betty’s disappearance. Lucky killed people in the mental institution she’d been locked in.

Even if they managed to get away and change their names, then what? They saw some terrible things in that house, but can they make it through as a family again?

Is that really it when it comes to the supernatural ghosts?

Are all the supernatural ghosts really gone? Did someone just need to be able to stand up against The Black Hat Man?

It is certainly possible. Get rid of the main source of the supernatural energy and you can potentially get rid of the spirits. However, that doesn’t mean everything is gone. And it doesn’t change what’s going on outside the Emory house at the very end.

Is it possible that they become the next ghosts?

Will Betty’s body ever be found?

Right now, everyone thinks that Henry had something to do with Betty’s disappearance. This is despite it looking like Betty made the choice to leave.

Eventually, there’s likely to be a search into where Betty is. This could lead to the belief they’re on a recovery mission and not a rescue mission.

Will Betty’s body eventually be found? There’s no reason for them to look at George’s house. That leads us to the final question.

Will George ever become a suspect?

The neighborhood is certain that the Emory family had something to do with Betty’s disappearance. There are some strong chances that nobody would even look into anything else. They’ll just put a murder charge (despite body or evidence to point to that) onto Henry’s list.

There’s no reason for the cops to look at other places Betty could have gone with that in mind. Why would George become a suspect unless he slips up somewhere.

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What are your questions after the Them Season 1 finale? What do you hope to see on Them Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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