Is Them Season 2 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Them: Covenant is perfect for all those who want to watch a horror that mixes both the natural and the supernatural. Will Them Season 2 happen?

Set in 1953, Them: Covenant follows a Black family that moves into an all-white neighborhood. At first it looks like it’s a series that focuses on the threats from the outside world. However, there’s something supernatural in the house.

Lena Waithe and Little Marvin definitely delivered, and now you want more. It means looking at the chances of the series being renewed.

Is Them Season 2 going to happen? There is some excellent news.

Them Season 2 is already confirmed

When Amazon picked up the first season, it ordered two seasons. That means Them Season 2 has been in the works from the very beginning.

What we don’t know is when the season will arrive. It could be in 2022, especially if filming starts soon.

What is Them Season 2 about?

Something else we don’t know is what the season will cover. When picked up to series, we found out that Them would be an anthology series. That means the story about the Emory family is over.

What we don’t know is how much of an anthology it will be. Will there be some connection within the world like American Horror Story? Will the season be fully separate?

That’s something we’ll get to find out over time. When the show was picked up, we got the basic details of what the story would entail. There will hopefully be some news eventually about the characters in the second season.

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What did you think of the first season? What would you like to see on Them Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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