The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry review: Twists all the way to the end

Just as you think you have answers to burning questions in The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry, there's a twist that will throw you.
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Disclaimer: I got an advance copy of the audiobook of The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry thanks to Netgalley in return for an honest review.

The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry is more than just a “whodunit.” There are many twists and turns as you figure out what happened to one character, who wants to frame Aaron Nichols, and who that body in the freezer actually belongs to.

The chapter starts with a woman going through a storage unit that she has gained in an auction. She needs it to turn a profit, but then there’s a problem. There’s a body in the freezer, and suddenly she realizes that she needs to turn everything over to the cops.

You think you know who that body is going to belong to, but this just starts a twisty story that ends up covering decades. There were certainly twists that I didn’t see coming throughout The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry, and I loved it.

What is The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry about?

The novel opens with a woman finding a body in a chest freezer in a storage locker. It turns into something much bigger.

We follow Aaron and Paige Nichols. Paige realizes from the minute she sees how Aaron looks at Cara Morton that he is having an affair. That’s the way he used to look at her. What will she do? That’s something she has to figure out. Will she leave her husband or try to work through it in the way that her parents did when her father had an affair?

There’s a bigger problem, though. Aaron is a suspected person in the disappearance of Cara Morton. Cara also makes a shocking accusation against Aaron, putting his job on the line. Paige needs to figure out a way to keep her family together, if that’s really what she wants. At the same time, Aaron needs to find a way to prove that he didn’t do anything to Cara.

Over the course of the story, we follow multiple timelines. This could be difficult to keep track, but Henry makes it clear where we are in the story at the start of each chapter. Get ready for a twisty story.

The Perfect Affair audiobook review

The novel itself is excellent. I love the twists and turns. Of course, my thoughts are always on the wife doing it. However, this book makes it clear that Paige may be innocent in everything. All she wants is to fix her family and find a way to prove her husband’s innocence.

It turns out that there is far more to the story. That body in the freezer doesn’t belong to Cara. Who does it belong to then? What happened years before all this to make Cara the drug addicted woman that she is? It’s clear that you can’t always trust the people closest to you.

I will admit that I didn’t see the very last twist happening. There were a few that threw me at first but then I realized the clues were there. However, the last twist had me speechless for a few minutes as I thought about everything that I missed from the start.

Now for the audiobook narration. Rachel Handshaw does the narration, and she captures the characters so well. I can immediately tell which viewpoint I’m listening from, although I think I would prefer Aaron’s parts to be narrated by a male. Handshaw does an excellent job at capturing the attention of the leader and building the pace when necessary. There wasn’t a point where I felt like the audio or any mispronunciations took me out of the story.

Everything was clear and easy to follow. I can find that I lose track of the time period we're in with some audiobooks if there are a lot of changes. Handshaw made it very easy to follow, and I think that comes from the way Henry writes.

Stars: 5 out of 5.

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The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry is available on Amazon and Audible on Tuesday, Jan 16.