Will The Outlaws Season 3 be the last?

The Outlaws Season 3 is here to binge-watch. Will there be more to the story after this?
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of James Pardon/BBC Studios
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of James Pardon/BBC Studios /

There’s no doubt that you’re tuning straight into The Outlaws Season 3 today. The episodes are all available, and it’s time to see what’s in store for our loveable community service workers again.

Of course, the season is sure to bring up the usual mixture of comedy and character development. We have The Dean behind bars and awaiting trial. He’s still a threat, though. If only he was the only threat to the group.

When one of them ends up with a dead body, they turn to the others to figure out what’s going on. Is this something that will release The Dean, or do they have another dangerous criminal coming after them?

The big question for many is how it will end, though. Will there be a cliffhanger, or will we get closure for the characters?

The Outlaws Season 3 could be the end?

It looks like we’ll end up with closure. Stephen Merchant told Deadline that the series will be “rested” after this season. This doesn’t mean that it is completely finished, but there is going to be a fairly long break until the next potential season.

Merchant shared that he gets burned out after each project that he does. So, he’s ready to take a break from this one and focus on the next. This was a big one for him, as well. It had a far larger cast than he’s used to, and it meant that he had to collaborate more. That was a great experience, but he’s ready to see what’s next.

There is also the question of how long the show could even keep going realistically. People only serve a certain number of hours of community service. Once those hours are done, everyone gets to move on. While some of them may have chosen to remain in touch, it doesn’t mean all of them would have. They may have wanted to put the mess of everything that happened to them behind them. So, Merchant would have the issue of figuring out how to keep them all together.

This is a problem a lot of shows have. The problem is a lot of other shows will try to keep the story going as much as they can. This can lead to keeping characters in unrealistic situations, or the chemistry just isn’t as good. I like a show that knows when it should come to an end.

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