The Garfield Movie isn't coming to Prime Video after theaters (but here's where it will stream)

The Garfield Movie is a must-watch for the whole family in theaters right now. Where will it stream after theaters?
Garfield - voice by Chris Pratt © 2023 Project G Productions, LLC
Garfield - voice by Chris Pratt © 2023 Project G Productions, LLC /

Are you ready to go on another wild adventure with the lasagna-loving feline? Garfield is back in The Garfield Movie, and you will not want to miss out.

The animated family movie follows Garfield, who is about to have an outdoor adventure. We know the Monday-hating cat well enough to know that this is not his idea of fun. He likes to be at home with his comforts.

However, this is going to turn into an important journey as he is reunited with his long-lost father. Vic is a scruffy street cat who runs into a bit of a problem with a high stakes heist. Garfield and Odie are about to team up with him, and we’re sure to get some hilarious antics.

No, The Garfield Movie will not be on Prime Video

Movies head to streaming soon after their theatrical releases, and eyes are on whether the Amazon streamer, Prime Video, will get it. There’s some bad news. We can tell from the fact that this is a Sony Pictures Movie that it won’t come to Prime Video. At least, not at first.

Sony has a deal with Netflix right now. That’s the first streaming home for it, and that should be within the next few months, maybe six to eight months. After that, it could eventually come to Prime Video, but it’s going to take time.

Amazon Video will be the way to watch the Garfield release

There is another way to watch movies on Amazon. It’s all about Amazon Instant Video, where you can buy or rent movies on Digital. The great news is that Sony Pictures Movies that go to theaters do head to Digital. When you buy the movie on Amazon Video, you’ll get to keep it for as long as you have your regular, free Amazon account.

How long will it take? Sony doesn’t take too long for movies to go from theaters to DVD and Digital. We often see the releases on Digital within a couple of months of the theatrical release, so look out for it in July 2024.

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