IF isn't coming to Prime Video after theaters (but there will be a way to watch on Amazon)

IF is the family movie out in theaters this weekend, and you'll definitely want to head out to check it out. Where will it stream online after theaters? We have the details.
Ryan Reynolds and Cailey Fleming star in Paramount Pictures' "IF."
Ryan Reynolds and Cailey Fleming star in Paramount Pictures' "IF." /

What happens to imaginary friends when we grow up? That’s something IF gives us a look at. You’ll certainly want to head to theaters with the family to check out this release.

IF follows Bea (Cailey Fleming), a young girl who is able to see all imaginary friends. She doesn’t just see her own. She sees the imaginary friends of everyone, and that includes the discarded ones. It’s a sad world for the discarded ones, and Bea decides to head out on a journey to reunion the discarded imaginary friends with their previous owners.

This fantasy comedy has a mixture of live action and animation. John Krasinski wrote and directed the release, and he also voices the character of Marshmallow Man as well as playing Bea’s dad. Ryan Reynolds stars as Cal, Bea’s neighbor who can also see imaginary friends.

IF isn’t coming to Prime Video but you can watch with your account

IF is a Paramount Pictures movie, which means that it isn’t coming to Prime Video straight after theaters. However, you’ll want to keep your Prime Video account and go over to the Amazon Channels section.

This movie is going to head to Paramount+ at first. You can get this streaming platform via Amazon Channels, allowing you to keep everything in one place.

There is a chance that the movie will head to Prime Video in the future, but Paramount+ is the first streaming home.

Get IF on Amazon Instant Video

There is another way to watch movies with Amazon. It’s all about the releases on Digital via Amazon Instant Video, and there is some great news when it comes to this theatrical release. It will head to Digital in the near future.

Paramount Pictures movies can head to Digital within a couple of months. There is a good chance that it will be available by the middle of July at the latest.

When you get movies on Digital via Amazon Instant Video, you can watch as often as you want without Prime Video. Just keep your regular, free Amazon account to keep access to your purchase. All you’ll need is an internet connection.

IF is currently out in theaters.