Is The Boys Season 5 going to be the last? (We may want to prepare)

While Amazon didn't promote The Boys Season 5 as the last, it may be something we want to prepare for. Here's why.
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

The Boys Season 5 is happening, and Amazon didn’t promote the series as the final one. That doesn’t mean it won’t be. This is something we may want to get ready for.

Amazon may not really have a choice when it comes to the end of The Boys. This will depend on contracts signed, but it could end up being a show decision. If you know Eric Kripke, you know that he usually has an end in mind when creating a series.

Just look at Supernatural. That series was originally set to end after five seasons. Kripke made that clear, and when the series was renewed for a sixth season by The CW, Kripke stepped down as showrunner and was around for two seasons as a consultant before moving on completely.

What are Eric Kripke’s plans for The Boys?

It looks like Kripke has a similar plan for The Boys. He came into the series with a five-year plan. It’s good storytelling to have an end in mind, so you know where you want the story to go each season. This prevents a series from dragging on. The problem is not all streamers and networks honor a plan due to costs and viewership. Fortunately, The Boys, like Supernatural, has the backing of the fans.

This could lead to The Boys being renewed for Season 6, though. According to Screen Rant, Kripke has said that he is notoriously bad for predicting how long a series will go on for. He used Supernatural as an example as that—although those who came into Supernatural at the very beginning will likely agree that the first five seasons are the best for their complete storytelling.

"No one in history is worse at predicting the amount of seasons of a show."

The Boys spin-off shows are growing

One thing Kripke has managed to do with this series that he couldn’t with Superantural is develop a universe. He has successful spin-off shows. Just look at how many want another season of The Boys: Diabolical and the love for Gen V. There’s another spin-off in the works called The Boys: Mexico.

So, while The Boys may come to an end, this doesn’t necessarily end the universe. Then there is a chance for a few characters to show back up.

At this point, Kripke isn’t committed to five seasons only anymore. If the story is there, he’ll write it. However, we have to keep in mind that the original intention was five seasons, and we may want to prepare for Season 5 being the last. Prepare for the worst, and enjoy the good when it happens.

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