The Boys Season 4 is released weekly (and it's a great thing for the series)

Like Seasons 2 and 3, The Boys Season 4 is getting a weekly release on Prime Video. This is a good thing for the show, and for streaming shows as a whole.
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video /

The Boys Season 4 premieres on Thursday, June 13. The first three episodes will drop. Just like the second and third seasons, this series is then getting a weekly release.

The world has a problem with binge releases. Everyone wants all the content now, and it’s damaging the entertainment industry. Binges are great for rewatches, but when you first watch a show, you need a weekly release.

You can @ me all you want. I won’t change my mind that the binge-watch model has damaged the chances of shows getting renewed. I wish the likes of The Wilds and With Love were released weekly as it may have prevented their cancellations.

We need time to digest The Boys Season 4

When it comes to The Boys, Eric Kripke had it right when he asked for Amazon to switch from a binge model to a weekly release format. He knew that the episodes were so big and had so much going on that people needed time to digest it all.

Gone are the days where we sit in the break room at work and discuss the latest weekly episode. We’re too busy avoiding spoilers from those who have had time to spend a night binge-watching a whole season as we wait for the weekend to arrive.

It means people aren’t talking as much about a show. With a weekly release, there is time to watch one episode. People can talk in the way they do about shows on broadcast networks. There’s time to explore the meanings behind certain events, and there is a chance to discuss theories.

More shows need to turn back to the weekly release format

Game of Thrones is one of the best examples of weekly releases done right. Look at how much people chatted in person and online about theories and spoilers. They would head to their favorite YouTubers to see what those people had to say.

The same is happening with Doctor Who. If that show was released as a binge model, the questions about Susan Twist showing up in each episode as a different character wouldn’t be as big. Right now, fans are speculating everywhere about what this means, along with who The One Who Waits is. It wouldn’t work with a binge model.

So, opting for a weekly release with The Boys Season 4 is a good thing. It allows time for more people to speculate what will happen next. There’s time to discuss what Homelander will do next, whether the Supe virus will affect him and others, and just whether The Boys can get out of trouble.

With more time talking, the show catches the attention of more people. Sure, we know The Boys Season 5 is happening, but what about beyond that? And what about the spin-off, Gen V? I do believe The Wilds was a casualty of the binge model because people didn’t realize it was back until it was too late. The same applies to the likes of With Love, The Horror of Dolores Roach, and I’m even going to say Outer Range while fans wait for that one. So, let’s stick with the weekly release for shows. They deserve the chatter.

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