The Boys Season 4 will arrive this summer (get the date!)

The wait for The Boys Season 4 is almost over. Sort of. The season premieres in June 2024.

The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

We have had one question since getting the confirmation that The Boys Season 4 would arrive this year. That question was “when.”

The “when” is all we’ve wanted to know. Okay, sure, we would love to know more about what to expect, but we want to know when we’ll get to see the story unfold. There is some exciting news. Amazon has set the date.

The Boys Season 4 arrives in June

We only have to wait until June. There is a chance that the series would arrived a bit earlier than that had it not been for the strike action, but June 2024 is respectable. We can deal with that.

The exact date? June 13, 2024.

The show shared the release date with a new poster on Twitter. We see Victoria Neumann and Homelander standing together as they receive word that Victoria has won the presidential election.

Now we’re just waiting for the trailer to get a good idea of what to expect for everyone.

Will The Boys Season 4 be released weekly?

Just like since Season 2, the series will drop with weekly installments. The first three episodes will premiere on Thursday, June 13.

After that, we’ll get one episode per week on Thursdays. Amazon confirmed in a press release that the Season 4 finale will air on Thursday, July 18. Yes, there are eight episodes in the season as usual.

One thing I’m curious about with the release date is whether the “Thursday” is in the evening or in the morning. Releases tend to happen on Fridays, but on UK time. That means North Americans get the episodes on Thursday nights. Is this a mark to say that Amazon will now officially release on Thursday nights, or is it Thursday normally and that moves to Wednesday nights in North America? That’s something I’m definitely going to keep an eye on.

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The Boys Season 4 premieres on Thursday, June 13 on Prime Video.