The Boys killed off a major player in the spread of propaganda

Vought International doesn't care about spreading real information in The Boys. However, it just lost a major player in the spread of propaganda.
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

We know deaths have to happen. The Boys Season 4 brought us a death that we just didn’t expect.

Caution: This post contains spoilers from The Boys Season 4, Episode 5.

There has been one major player in the spread of propaganda in The Boys Season 4. It’s all about Cameron Coleman, who is very much a parody of Tucker Carlson.

He likes to spread everything he can about how Supes are amazing and those who are against the Supes are the biggest threats to American democracy. He did say in the recent episode that he sometimes had to share something that looked bad for The Seven so that he seemed balanced, but he also likely took joy in spreading that about The Deep.

Well, Cameron’s days are over. What does this mean for the spread of propaganda?

What happened to Cameron Coleman in The Boys?

Sage told The Seven that she knew who had leaked the footage of Starlighters not being involved in the deaths of Homelander’s supporters. There were texts to Mother’s Milk on Cameron’s phones. She did look at A-Train, who was worried that she’d really figured it out, but she didn’t bring anything up to him just yet.

It’s clear that Ashley came through. A-Train threatened to bring Ashley down with him if he was caught, so she had to do something to take the suspicion away from him. She had to have put the texts on Cameron’s phone when he was on stage.

Homelander wanted The Seven to get revenge for this leak. He told them to become gods and show some wrath, and that’s certainly what they did.

Who will spread the propaganda in The Boys now?

Isn’t it a little short-sighted to do this? Doesn’t that take out the person who has built up a following among Homelander’s followers? Well, yes and no. Sure, it gets rid of Cameron, but there is always someone else to take his place.

There is one in The Seven already. Firecracker is doing a great job in spreading the propaganda and sharing her message. She doesn’t care if she’s telling the truth or not. She wants to get revenge against Starlight for the past, and she will do whatever it takes to do that. Her followers are eating it all up without a care in the world.

Firecracker is going to be a little easier for Homelander and Sage to control compared to Cameron. Now she just has a bigger platform to do it on.

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