The Boys is definitely ending with Season 5 (Eric Kripke explains)

After speculation that The Boys Season 5 would be the end, we now have confirmation. Why is Eric Kripke ending the series with its fifth season?
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Supes, The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

A good showrunner and creator knows when and how to bring a series to an end. There’s a plan in place from the very beginning, and that’s certainly the case when Eric Kripke creates a show. So, it’s not surprising to hear that there has always been a plan for The Boys.

Of course, plans can change. If a show is performing well and the cast is happy to keep going, there are times when the networks and streamers will want to keep it going. That’s happened to Kripke in the past, with Supernatural originally having a five-year plan only to get 10 more seasons (with Kripke being a consultant for two of those seasons and then stepping away completely).

There were questions about whether things would change for The Boys. Would Amazon decide that the series was performing too well to let go. Well, it turns out that Amazon (or more like Vought) is happy with the idea of sticking to the original plan.

The Boys Season 5 is confirmed as the last

TVLine reports that Kripke has now confirmed that his plan to end with Season 5 is going through. He explained that ending with Season 5 was always the plan, but he had to be cagey until Vought confirmed that the plan could go ahead. That was the reason why he once said that there may be a chance if the story has a way to continue, but it’s clear that he never really wanted to go further than the original plan.

This doesn’t mean that it will be the end of the universe as a whole, though. The spin-off series Gen V has been renewed for a second season, and Kripke likely has a set season plan for that show as well. This allows for some of the characters from The Boys to step in now and then, but it is a series that is focused on its own, new characters.

There is also a spin-off set in Mexico being created, and we still have The Boys: Diabolical, which we would love to see a second season of. There is a way to continue the universe with other spin-offs, maybe taking us back to the time of Payback before Soldier Boy was betrayed.

As sad as it is to see a great show come to an end, I’m glad to see that it’s on Kripke’s terms. I still view “Swan Song” as the end of Supernatural with the rest of the series being a dream of Dean’s if Sam found a way back from The Cage. That’s where Kripke wanted it to end, so that’s where it ends. Amazon has given Kripke what he deserves in ending The Boys where it’s supposed to.

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