Chance Perdomo will be honored in Gen V Season 2

Chance Perdomo's untimely death earlier this year brought up questions for his character in Gen V Season 2. No, the character will not be recast.
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The death of a prominent actor in a TV series brings up two options. The shows can recast, or they can rework everything to honor an actor’s death. Gen V is going the latter route.

Chance Perdomo died after a motorcycle accident earlier this year. The show was a week away from shooting, which meant having to make a quick choice. It was a no-brainer to rewrite the show to honor Perdomo through his character of Andre Anderson.

Eric Kripke talked to Entertainment Weekly about it, sharing that it was the least the writers could do to honor Perdomo for his friends and family.

"We were a week away from shooting when Chance passed away tragically. So we had to almost rethink everything, and in just a matter of weeks. But what I tell people when they say 'wow, that's really crazy or difficult' [is] that pales in comparison to what his friends and loved ones are going through. It's the least we could do."

Andre was a huge part of Gen V

There’s no doubt that Perdomo’s character was a major player during the first season of Gen V. He started as one of the university’s golden stars due to his ability to manipulate metal. As he realized that there was a major conspiracy happening, he joined forces with Marie to get to the bottom of it all.

This led to him, Marie, and others being locked in a cell by Vought. There is a chance that he was going to continue to remain a major part of the storyline, especially based on comments from Kripke that the writers had to “almost rethink everything.”

There are a few ways that this could be handled. Andre could be killed off-screen due to experiments from Vought. They could even attempt to cover up the death, with Marie and others fighting to honor Andre’s sacrifice as they fight for freedom.

Another option is that he is taken and goes missing for some time. This allows Marie and co. to hunt him down as they fight to escape, only to learn the heartbreaking truth.

Production on Gen V Season 2 has started. We won’t likely see the season arrive until summer 2025 with this in mind. We know the show will be worth the wait. Kripke does not disappoint!

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