The Boys can't end with genocide of the supes

Samir has made it clear that creating a virus to kill Homelander will kill all supes in The Boys. There's no way that's the way The Boys could end.
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Credit: Courtesy of Prime. Copyright: © Amazon Content Services LLC. /

We know The Boys Season 5 is going to be the last. With an option to get rid of all supes, it seems like this would be the way to go to end the series. However, it’s highly unlikely that the end of the series will happen this way.

Samir told Butcher that creating a virus to kill Homelander would be a death sentence to all supes. The virus would be airborne, and that means anyone with Compound-V in their system will die. He doesn’t want that, and a sane part of Butcher doesn’t want that either.

But now the option has been given, it’s out there. Samir said that the virus in the wrong hands could mean destruction. All it takes is a scientist who is completely against supes and that Homelander-killing virus could be created.

The Boys universe continues to flourish

The problem with ending the series with a genocide is that it destroys the entire universe. While The Boys is coming to an end, there are spin-offs happening. We already know Gen V is still going, and there is The Boys: Mexico in the works.

The only way for the universe to continue if there’s a massive genocide at the end of the series is to take it all before the time of The Seven. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’d happily watch a Payback spin-off. It just doesn’t make sense to cuckhold a universe to prequel stories when there are so many other supes that can be explored around the world.

I guess there is one way around it. There is the option that Compound-V is still somewhere around. Scientists for Vought could do experiments to create a version of Compound-V that will stand up against the virus. After all, just making new supes without that wouldn’t make sense. The virus would still be in the air once all supes are dead, so creating any new supes would lead them to die quickly from the same virus.

Plus, opting for this means bringing all other current spin-offs to an end. Those supes would die from the virus, so the only way forward with the universe is in a world after the virus where a new V mixture has been created. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So, it means genocide has to be off the table. The series simply cannot end that way. In a way, that gives us answers about whether Butcher would realistically consider genocide, but there is always the chance that the virus ends up in the wrong hands.

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