Tarot lands a DVD release date (how to pre-order)

The horror movie Tarot is heading to DVD and Blu-ray next month. Here's all you need to pre-order the release.
Adain Bradley as Grant and Avantika Vandanapu as Paige in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula
Adain Bradley as Grant and Avantika Vandanapu as Paige in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula /

How often do you use tarot cards? The movie Tarot is one that will have you second guessing everything you think you know.

Most of the time, horror movies focus on Ouija boards and how they call to the other side. This time, it’s another element of pagan religions. It’s all about tarot cards.

A group of teenage girls unleash a sinister curse that causes all their tarot card readings to come true in deadly ways. They’ll need to do everything they can to prevent the next card from playing out, but do they even believe in the curse and can they figure out how to put the curse back into the box?

Tarot is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in July

You can already get the movie on Digital. This release happened back in May. The wait has been for the DVD release for those who prefer to keep their viewing offline. There’s no risk of a release going “missing” from your account if you get it on DVD!

Tarot will come out on Tuesday, July 9. We didn’t end up predicting a release date for this movie (and I’m not entirely sure why not), so we can’t say if we got it right or not.

Pre-order Tarot on DVD and Blu-ray right now

Of course, the benefit of knowing a DVD release date early is that we know that we can pre-order the release. This lets us set and forget for the rest of the month.

Yes, you can pre-order this horror movie. Head straight over to Amazon and get your order locked in. When you pre-order, you get Amazon’s price guarantee. This ensures you only spend the lowest that the DVD is up to the release date. It doesn’t matter if you agreed to pay more when you placed the order!

If you order with Amazon Prime, you’ll land the free shipping. The movie will be delivered the following day for nothing extra.

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