Binged Maxton Hall already? Here are 5 shows to watch next

Maxton Hall -- The World Between Us is a great binge, but now you've ran out of episodes. What should you watch next? Here are five great suggestions.
Maxton Hall. © Prime Video / Stephan Rabold
Maxton Hall. © Prime Video / Stephan Rabold /

We love stories that involve secrets, class systems, and young love. Maxton Hall – The World Between Us brings it all, and there’s no doubt that you made it your binge-watch as soon as it dropped.

The problem with a new show is that within a day you’ve finished your binge-watch. Now you need to find something else to watch, and you want something similar to this series. What are your options?

The good news is there are plenty of shows out there like Maxton Hall. Some of them are on Prime Video, while others you’ll need to buy or you’ll need to head to another streaming platform. Here are five that are more than worth trying out.

Gossip Girl

When Maxton Hall – The World Between Us was initially promoted, it was aimed at those who love Gossip Girl. We got the private school setting, the differences between the rich and poorer, and all the secrets and manipulation that can happen with the rich.

Well, Gossip Girl certainly has all of that and more. This series has a blog that exposes all those secrets, with people being willing to write in the various secrets and sightings of New York’s elite.

Of course, there is the drama that comes with the secrets being exposed. There’s young love and generally just trying to figure out life.

There's also a revival series that is worth checking out, although it was canceled after one season.

Gossip Girl is available Max, or you can buy the series on Amazon Instant Video.

One of Us Is Lying

How about a bit of a murder mystery mixed with the secrets and the lies? One of Us Is Lying is the series to check out next.

This show follows the lives of four students from very different backgrounds. They go into detention with Simon but only the four of them make it out alive. Now the mystery is who killed Simon in detention? What happened behind that closed door? Not only do the police want to know, but all four of them want to figure it out.

One of Us Is Lying is only available to stream on Peacock.

Pretty Little Liars

Secrets can end up being deadly. We just have to ask the four friends in Pretty Little Liars.

This series sees four friends who grew apart after the disappearance of their fifth friend, Alison. Now someone called A is making their lives misery, threatening to expose their various secrets and lies. All the girls want to do is move on with their lives, but they need to figure out who this A is and why A is doing this to them.

Pretty Little Liars is available to stream on Max, or you can buy the series on Amazon Instant Video.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Sometimes you don’t want the mystery. You want to see young love, and The Summer I Turned Pretty is the next place to turn for that.

This series brings us the story of Belly, who looks forward to summer at Cousins Beach every year. This year she has come into her own, and now she is excited to see Conrad. The problem is Conrad is closed off and acting differently to normal. Instead, his brother Jeremiah is showing her attention, and she will need to make a choice between the two brothers.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is available to stream on Prime Video.


What about a series that brings us a darker look at the life of teens? Euphoria is a series that does that, with Zendaya playing Rue, a teenager struggling with drug addiction.

Rue is fresh out of rehab and needs to stick to being sober. Maybe there’s a chance to do that when she meets Jules and falls in love. However, there’s something to be said for not putting your sobriety on one person as people have their own things going on. Rue is about to learn that lesson the hard way.

Euphoria is available to stream on Max.

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