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The Summer I Turned Pretty brings us a beautiful but also bittersweet story. Want to visit the filming locations? Here’s where the series is filmed.

There is no doubt you want to head to Cousins Beach. Any fan of The Summer I Turned Pretty would want to go to the waters and gain some peace and clarity. Sadly, Cousins Beach itself is a fictional place.

In fact, Jenny Han, who wrote the book series the TV show is based on, says that Cousins Beach is made up of different beaches in her head. She wanted to create a place that everyone could imagine and feel like they’d been to, which led to her taking inspiration from different beaches around the country. Cape Cod and The Hamptons are just two of the beaches that have inspired this fictional one.

Of course, The Summer I Turned Pretty needed a filming location. While Cousins Beach is fictional, the beach the series was filmed on is very real.

The Summer I Turned Pretty filming locations

The series may supposedly be set somewhere around Massachusetts based on some of the location names, the show is actually filmed in North Carolina. It’s in Wilmington, North Carolina for those who want to get specific. Of course you do so you can visit the filming locations.

Wilmington StarNews shared some of the locations that are used in the series. They include Wrightsville Beach, Padgett Station, and Russell’s Quik Stop. It’s easy to see that Wrightsville Beach is used as the location for Cousins Beach, so that’s where you’ll want to head to if you want to feel like you’re there.

Did you know Wilmington was only used in two teen beach shows in 2022? The Summer I Turned Pretty was the second of the two released. Netflix’s Along for the Ride was the first to be released.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty is available to stream on Prime Video.